Sunday, November 6, 2011

funny google logo

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Thursday, August 11, 2011


SELAMAT,sekarang HP anda sudah di lengkapi dengan puzzle game.
caranya mudah yaitu lempar HP anda ke tembok dengan keras lalu susun kembali

Dampak Negatif Membaca

saat q baca di koran tentang bahaya merokok, q berhenti merokok...
saat q baca di koran tentang bahaya minuman keras.. q berhenti mabuk mabukan...
tapi saat q baca di koran tentang bahaya sex bebas, q langsung berhenti baca koran....

Friday, August 5, 2011

fantasy football names wallpaper

from :

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Justin Beiber Attacked With Eggs

Justin Beiber Attacked With Eggs

A pair of lovers playing eggs near luxury housing. Because of the spirit, swing from Selena, the name of the woman, so strongly to eggs of glass houses near there. They are shocked because ancient Chinese flower vase also broke exposed the eggs.

justin said: "I'm sorry. My wife accidentally, "
(justin, the husband, on the old man who sits in the House).
the old man said: "thank you. You guys deliver me from the shackles of vas It is. I was the jinn and will pass the three requests for this. For You, your wife, and to my own, "

the old man said again: "what is your request?"
justin: "I want an account each month one billion dollar,"
parents: "abra kadabraaa .... Please Check Your account," said the elderly is it.

the old man said: "then, are you?" the old man asked at selena.
selena: "I'm a fancy jewelry," she replied.

parents: say "abraakadabraa .... Been fulfilled! "said old people (jinn) it again.
justin and selena: "then, the request of Mr. Jinn what?" selena and justin replace ask the old man?
the old man replied: "I want to make love with your wife," answered the that old.

They are surprised. but because Genie's generous giving everything, Selena received permission to accompany jinn. Fuel Selena serves the needs of Jinn's. By night,  a jinn was allowed Selena home. "Thanks," the elderly.

parents are asked again: "it is how old are you?" selena and justin replied: "My 25 years of age"

the old man said: "the age of 25 years still believe in Jinn?"

paige duke nascar

paige duke got a warning from Angels because like speeding. 
Angel: "ye during life in the world why like speeding-speeding?" 
paige duke: "It has become my profession o Angel!" 
Angel: "How are you getting on with the issue of the Lord?" 
paige duke: "Though I love to race religion still no. 1!" One time paige duke died due to an accident during the race, motorcycle racing 
and the angel said: "I've already said if races khan were not good" paige duke's go to heaven and accidentally saw someone drove at high speed.
page duke Then he asked the Angel, "Angel, why would that person be speeding, while I am not to be?" 
The angels said, "sst ye noisy, that God is trying his new motor!"

Friday, June 24, 2011

matisyahu one day

Matisyahu's "King Without a Crown" is an awesome reggae jam, but I'm guessing he never could have imagined that he'd be talked about in the same sentence as LeBron James as a result.
Regardless, it appears that the musical wonder isn't the one missing a critical accessory.


Anthony Weiner Scandal Photo

Political Anthony Weiner
Rep. Anthony Weiner's admission to tweeting lewd pictures of himself has turned him into a late-night laughingstock. Here's a roundup of the best Weiner jokes:

"It turns out that one of the women Congressman Anthony Weiner was communicating with was a p**n star. When asked how it was possible to get involved with someone in such a sleazy business, the p**n star said, 'I don't know.'" —Conan O'Brien

"Congressman Weiner is in a lot of trouble since he tweeted those pictures. But good news for him, he just found out he'll be allowed to keep his p**n name ... Anthony Weiner." —Conan O'Brien

"Anthony Weiner admitted to sending inappropriate messages to several women via Twitter, text, email, and Facebook. I think the lesson here is that if you're going to send explicit pictures of yourself, send them through MySpace, where no one will notice." —Jimmy Kimmel

"51 percent of New York voters think Congressman Weiner should keep his seat in office. The other 49 percent think that he should disinfect it." —Conan O'Brien

"What?! The congressman had a s*x scandal and had to apologize to Bill Clinton? For what?! Copyright infringement?" —Jon Stewart

"I don't know if laws were broken or not, but Weiner was sending around pictures of him in his underpants and I thought, Well, now, wait a minute, what is the big deal? Don't men and women in Congress get to mail their packages for free?!" —David Letterman

"This is why Twitter exists. Members of Congress can now send you pictures of their p*****s electronically. Remember the old days of Senator Larry Craig when you had to get in your car, drive to the airport, find the airport bathroom, try to figure out which stall he's in, knock on the door...Now they send it right to your house." —Jay Leno

"Democrats don't share our values. An elected official is tweeting dirty photos of himself to strange women who he never meets for S*X? Come on! At least Republican Chris Lee was trying to get some action! Republican politicians are man enough to hit that thing. Ensign, Vitter, even when it's a gay scandal! They're not tweeting love letters. They're tearing up an airport bathroom until somebody calls the cops on them!" —Stephen Colbert

by Daniel Kurtzman

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